J. P. Osborne, P. O'Brien, P. Evans, G. W. Fraser, A. Martindale, J.-L. Atteia, B. Cordier, S. Mereghetti
2020 Gamma-ray Bursts: 15 Years of GRB Afterglows  
The small mission A-STAR (All-Sky Transient Astrophysics Reporter) aims to locate the X-ray counterparts to ALIGO and other gravitational wave detector sources, to study the poorly-understood low luminosity gamma-ray bursts, and to find a wide variety of transient high-energy source types, A-STAR will survey the entire available sky twice per 24 hours. The payload consists of a coded mask instrument, Owl, operating in the novel low energy band 4−150 keV, and a sensitive wide-field focussing
more » ... field focussing soft X-ray instrument, Lobster, working over 0.15−5 keV. A-STAR will trigger on ∼100 GRBs/yr, rapidly distributing their locations.
doi:10.1051/978-2-7598-1002-4-101 fatcat:pcogyogoe5eszek27pneebg6oy