Literature Survey on Hand Gesture Recognition System

Prof. Akshatha G
2020 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
For those who are deaf and dumb Sign language is an efficient, common and alternative way for talking, where we can understand them by using the hand gestures. For humans' hands are a part of human organs which is used to manipulate physical objects. For this very reason hands are used most frequently by human beings to communicate and interact with machines. In the recent generation, hand gesture recognition system is improving in such a way that the interaction between the human and machine
more » ... human and machine is advancing by using the electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, computers etc. So, there will be advancement not only in representing the speaking skills, also writing skills too. The real-time continuous gesture recognition is based on posture, position, orientation, and motion or by using the embedded systems like microcontrollers or it can be color maker approach, glove-based approach, vision-based approach and depth-based approach. The technique used in this system is that the input to the system will be given from the hand. They detect the image of the hand and pre-process it. Later on, they are going to crop the image how much they require for the analysis. In the later stages they are going to extract the feature of the hand and then they are going to classify it. At the last the gesture is converted into the speech. According them hand gesture recognition system provides Human Computer Interaction. The two major applications they have used is Sign Language Recognition and gesture-based control. I.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2020.2101 fatcat:76arobgsnvh6llpkurtula57rm