A game theory framework for active power injection management with voltage boundary in smart grids

Guido Cavraro, Leonardo Badia
2013 2013 European Control Conference (ECC)   unpublished
Smart grids are a novel paradigm for energy distribution, where instead of the traditional directed flow from a producer to the consumers, several micro-generators are spread throughout the network. We focus on the problem of coordinating the injection of active power into the grid by the micro-generators. Each of them aims at injecting the maximum amount of power, satisfying some operative constraints such as voltage boundaries; a tradeoff must be found among these conflicting objectives.
more » ... , we characterize the active power increment region, i.e., the set of all the increments of injected power that, depending on the grid state, satisfy the voltage boundary. Based on this finding, we frame the problem within game theory and propose a distributed approach that achieves a fair share of the active power injection, while at the same time satisfying the voltage boundary.
doi:10.23919/ecc.2013.6669377 fatcat:nrwwftsskjcxnglgzbdrmatdu4