The primates of the Udzungwa Mountains: diversity, ecology and conservation

Francesco Rovero, Andrew R Marshall, Trevor Jones, Andrew Perkin
2009 Journal of Anthropological Sciences  
The Udzungwa Mountains are one of the most important areas in Africa for primate diversity and conservation, with two endemic monkeys (Udzungwa red colobus Procolobus gordonorum and Sanje mangabey Cercocebus [galeritus] sanjei), and the near-endemic kipunji monkey Rungwecebus kipunji, a new genus and species discovered in 2004 and found in Udzungwa and Southern Highlands. With six species of galagos, or bushbabies, the area is also of exceptional importance for nocturnal primates. The form of
more » ... untain galago Galagoides orinus occurring in the Udzungwa Mountains appears to be distinct on the base of vocalizations, and further work will be required to assess its taxonomic status. The primate community reflects the overall, exceptional biodiversity of these isolated and ancient mountains. The Udzungwa are part of the Eastern Arc mountain chain, a centre of global importance for biodiversity and endemism. Of all the Eastern Arc Mountain blocks, the Udzungwa have the largest forested area, widest altitudinal gradient and greatest habitat diversity. We review current knowledge on the diversity and distribution of the primate community of the Udzungwa Mountains, with an emphasis on ecology and conservation.
pmid:19663171 fatcat:lrvc5tszhbc45kmfjhqz467jsi