Eloise Butler
1910 School Science and Mathematics  
On account of the rapid growth of the city spreading out like a spider's web for miles in all directions and the consequent disappearance of the wild lands and their indigenous vegetation making it necessary for students of botany to go farther and farther afield for specimens, it occurred to the writer, some years ago, that means should be taken to establish a plant preserve, within which to maintain representatives of the flora of our state; to serve also as a depot of supplies for the
more » ... ; as a resort for the lovers of wild nature; and to afford an opportunity to study botanical problems at first hand. Accordingly, the teachers of botany in Minneapolis and other interested citizens petitioned the park board to set apart a tract of land for the above named purposes; the teachers were to supervise the garden, the park board were to protect the property and to bear the necessary expenses. Fig. 1
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1910.tb00202.x fatcat:v3ttkmmexjhj5ctabwoleho2eq