Reward Management Practices-Evidence from Constanta County, Romania

Ionut Antohi, Andreea-Daniela Moraru
Modern companies are aware of the importance of their human resources. The human resources management field raised numerous research themes that have been debated in the specialized literature. One of these themes concerns the relationship between the specific practices regarding human resources field and the level of performance achieved by the organization and its members. In this context, one important subject proved to be the reward practices used by the companies in order to motivate and
more » ... hieve a certain level of performance. The results of several specialized studies reflect a better image on this particular field within the Romanian companies. This paper intends to analyse specific issues based on an empirical study on the companies located in Constanta County. The use of modern reward practices such as supplementary variable payment correlated with individual or group performances was targeted. The results indicate an area with underdeveloped practices and challenges to be faced.