Sarna Devī: feste di primavera, folklore e sostenibilità nelle tradizioni del Jharkhand

Stefano Beggiora
2014 Ethnorêma  
In the Chota Nagpur plateau, in India, the worship of Sarna Devi (sarnaism) seems today to unite in a sort of brotherhood many indigenous ethnic groups of the state of Jharkhand. Guardian of the boundaries of villages, Sarna is the goddess of the sacred grove and preside over the good harvest. The present work consists in an ethnographical analysis of the major spring festivals - and related rituals - widespread among the most populous indigenous peoples (ādivāsī) of Jharkhand, with particular
more » ... d, with particular reference to Santals and Oraons. By reconstructing a comprehensive overview of the cultural relations among the ethnic groups, I emphasize how religious prescriptions and local shamanism share a common message of sustainability and equilibrium between man and the nature. The essay includes translations of verses, sacred liturgies, songs, employed in the celebration of the goddess and her environment.
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