Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings [chapter]

Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings  
The Six Issues for 1981 are: 41st Annual Conference on Glass Problems: This conference, alternately sponsored by Ohio State University and the University of Illinois at Champaign, has always focused on production operations. The November 1980 conference includes papers on melting and postforming, refractories, batching, energy and pollution, and surface cord. No. 1-2. 42nd Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum: The PEI Technical Forum continues to provide outstanding, down-to-earth
more » ... of developments in the porcelain enamel field. Subjects covered include programs for energy conservation and management, base metals and metal fabrication, furnace improvements, advances in enamel application, low cobaltho cobalt ground coats, no nickelho pickle systems, materials utilization and waste disposal, and porcelain enamel in microcircuitry. No. 3-4. 9th Automotive Materials Conference: Held in November 1980, this conference was sponsored jointly by the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering of the University of Michigan, the American Ceramic Society's Michigan Section, and the Michigan Catalysis Society. It was devoted to automotive exhaust catalysis and included papers on monolithic and pelleted supports for automotive exhaust catalysis, three-way catalysis, automobile emission testing and certification, and future directions in automobile exhaust catalysis. No. 5-6. 5th Conference on Composites and Advanced Materials: The proceedings of the January 1981 meeting cover such areas as innovations in ceramic processing; silicon nitride ceramics; coatings for severe environments; ceramic matrix, cprbon-carbon, organic matrix, and metal matrix composites; hightemperature materials; and fiber technology. No. 7-8.
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