Validation of a Redwood Sequoia Sempervirens (D. Don) Endl Butt Log Sawing Simulator [article]

Sheridan Ashford, University Of Canterbury
Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.) has been identified as a species with considerable potential for plantation forestry in New Zealand. Investment decisions in high value alternate species must be based on accurate wood quality and value predictions. There is an opportunity to extend non-destructive evaluation tools available to redwood growers, and to present the outputs of the growth model by log products and sawn timber. A redwood pruned buttlog sawing simulator has been developed
more » ... has been developed however the simulator had not been tested with real data. Twelve redwood trees from Mangatu estate were selected for a sawing study; these logs were reconstructed and run through the sawing simulator. Computerised log processing was used to produce simulated pruned log sawing outturn from the redwood Buttlog Sawing Simulator, and results were compared to real results from a sawing study. The objective of the study was therefore to determine how well the simulator matched volume and grade out-turn from twelve logs. This study found the many inconsistencies between simulated data and real data; particularly related to log size. While this study was unsuccessful in validation of the redwood sawing simulator, it provides initial insight into the simulators strengths and short comings.
doi:10.26021/1815 fatcat:vm3zgltgxneflgoeqw5du7wwvq