Cladoniaceae of the Azores

Raquel Pino-Bodas, Teuvo Ahti & Soili Stenroos
2017 Herzogia  
As a result of collections made in 61 locations during the year 2018, the number of Cladonia taxa is enlarged to 42, and ten new records of Cladonia are provided to Montenegro, Cladonia cariosa, C. coccifera, C. cyathomorpha, C. digitata, C. diversa, C. homosekikaica, C. imbricarica, C. merochlorophaea, C. novochlorophaea and C. subulata. The distribution of many taxa previously known for the territory is extended. The chemical variation and the distribution of each species are discussed.
doi:10.13158/heia.30.2.2017.445 fatcat:pq4hzbdpybcr7ez7ug6zuol5l4