Dense Registration and Mosaicking of Fingerprints by Training an End-to-End Network [article]

Zhe Cui, Jianjiang Feng, Jie Zhou
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Dense registration of fingerprints is a challenging task due to elastic skin distortion, low image quality, and self-similarity of ridge pattern. To overcome the limitation of handcraft features, we propose to train an end-to-end network to directly output pixel-wise displacement field between two fingerprints. The proposed network includes a siamese network for feature embedding, and a following encoder-decoder network for regressing displacement field. By applying displacement fields reliably
more » ... estimated by tracing high quality fingerprint videos to challenging fingerprints, we synthesize a large number of training fingerprint pairs with ground truth displacement fields. In addition, based on the proposed registration algorithm, we propose a fingerprint mosaicking method based on optimal seam selection. Registration and matching experiments on FVC2004 databases, Tsinghua Distorted Fingerprint (TDF) database, and NIST SD27 latent fingerprint database show that our registration method outperforms previous dense registration methods in accuracy and efficiency. Mosaicking experiment on FVC2004 DB1 demonstrates that the proposed algorithm produced higher quality fingerprints than other algorithms which also validates the performance of our registration algorithm.
arXiv:2004.05972v1 fatcat:zlrmqnp3qvajlp3imc7qbghy44