Virial Theorem in Nonlocal Newtonian Gravity

Bahram Mashhoon
2016 Universe  
Nonlocal gravity is the recent classical nonlocal generalization of Einstein's theory of gravitation in which the past history of the gravitational field is taken into account. In this theory, nonlocality appears to simulate dark matter. The virial theorem for the Newtonian regime of nonlocal gravity theory is derived and its consequences for "isolated" astronomical systems in virial equilibrium at the present epoch are investigated. In particular, for a sufficiently isolated nearby galaxy in
more » ... nearby galaxy in virial equilibrium, the galaxy's baryonic diameter D 0 -namely, the diameter of the smallest sphere that completely surrounds the baryonic system at the present time-is predicted to be larger than the effective dark matter fraction f DM times a universal length that is the basic nonlocality length scale λ 0 ≈ 3 ± 2 kpc.
doi:10.3390/universe2020009 fatcat:mgmp2ovqnza5fozzg6lzclbdcu