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1889 Scientific American  
La. In this governor a valve eccentric is pivotally con nected with a pnlley on the main shaft, and has a slot through which the shaft passes, a second eccentric being pivotally connected witb the 1Irst one and mounted loosely on the main shaft, a weighted arm pivoted on the pulley controlling the action of the second eccentric, the device being designed to cut off or supply steam with greater accuracy. and lock in every position, while of sufficient strength to work an unbalanced valve.
more » ... anced valve. Hallway Appllance •• AIR BRAKE. -James M. M a x well, Pittsburg, Pa. The cylinder connected with the main supply pipe holds a sleeve and has a screw for regulating the throw of the sleeve, a piston connected with a slide valve for operating the brakes being held to slide in the sieeve. the device admitting of the brakes being ap plied, by an operator independently of the engineer's valve. RAILWAY BIGNAL. -James C. White, Sewickley, Pa. This is an electrically operated 8ignal, in whIch the track is divided into sections insulated trom each other, four contact rails being arranl(ed in pairs in each section and connected together and to the track rails of the next section, one pair of contact rails being opposite the' joints ot the sections, while sus pended from the locomotive are hanJl:ers in which are contact wheels, wires extending therefrom to a bell and battery. a length of steel wIre wound to form a number of strands, the ends beinJl:locked, and the body of the hoop being held in place at intervals by band�, preferably of hoop iron, the metal being preferably galvanized. and making a liI:ht, strong, and cheap hook. PACKAGE HEAD.-Isaac J. W. Adams, Laurel, Del. This is a new article of manufacture for the heads of packages to be used with fruit and garden truck, consisting ot two pairs of slats havinJl: curved ends and secured to each other at right angles to each other, making a head which may be subjected to ex treme changes of temperature or humIdity without any injurious effect. DIFFUSION BATTERIES. -Will i a m Golding, New Orleans. La. These are batteries for ex tracting sugar" the cane being sliced or cut and thrown into a series of cells or tanks, this invention providiug cells or tanks for batteries in the form of cast iron or other suitable cylinders bored out and 1Itted with pistons and heads, whereby an apparatus is made that will provide for perfect circulation for heating the 1Iuid in each tank, and for pressing out the last of the water.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07131889-26b fatcat:2ouuvmsigfbphfx6nru2bmmeea