Characterization of model uncertainty for necessary face pressures of tunneling in frictional soils

QIUJING PAN, Chong Tang, Kok Kwang Phoon
The face stability is a key issue in tunnel engineering, especially in weak grounds. This topic have attracted many researcher's attention and various theoretical models for predicting necessary face pressures against its failure were proposed in the light of the limit equilibrium method (LEM) and the kinematical approach of limit analysis method (LAM). Meanwhile, a large number of experimental studies have been conducted to study tunnel face stability. Using centrifuge testing results, this
more » ... er aims at applying Bayesian method to characterize the model uncertainties of three classical models of predicting limit face pressures in frictional soils, by incorporating the test uncertainties and parameter uncertainties. The obtained results show that the Mollon model is less biased than the other two; the Horn model tends to be conservative but its model uncertainty has the largest variability.
doi:10.15083/00079797 fatcat:ynfbbu5q4nfwvdhbxomghtijvy