Fiume és a nemzetiségi egyenjogúság tárgyában hozott 1868. évi XLIV. törvénycikk

Imre Juhász
2020 Erdélyi Jogélet  
Fiume (current official name: Rijeka) became part of Hungary in 1779 as a "corpus separatum". At the time of the so-called provision, after 1870, the legal system of the port city developed in a special way. Although the Hungarian government took over the administration of the city again, this did not mean the automatic reception and application of the entire Hungarian legal system. Some Hungarian laws were not later enacted in Fiume. The article prepared on the basis of the conference lecture
more » ... conference lecture in Cluj-Napoca (Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania) intends to review the issues of legal interpretation of the applicability of Act XLIV of 1868 on National Equality by using descriptive method, taking into account legal history and legal theory aspects.
doi:10.47745/erjog.2020.02.05 fatcat:xryeds7e4vg57ovadqngrp7mya