Thermodynamic properties of fluid n-D/sub 2/ in the 75 to 300 K and 2- to 20-kbar range [report]

D.H. Liebenberg, R.L. Mills, J.C. Bronson
1978 unpublished
The hydrogen isotope deuterium is an important material for use in various energy technologies. This report is a summary of new pressure, volume, temperature, and sound velocity measurements of fluid o-D» in the 75 to 300 K and 2-to 20-kbar range. An equation of state (EOS) was fit to these data. The thermodynamic quantities, volume V, sound velocity v., thermal expansivity a P , heat capacity at constant pressure Cp, isothermal compressibility XT, and molar entropy S, are given at 25 K and
more » ... ven at 25 K and 0.5-kbar increments over the range of measurements. Computer-drawn graphs of the isothermal pressure variation of these quantities are shown. Characteristics of the EOS at high temperature and pressure are determined and compared with theoretical and phenomenological equations of state. DISTRIBUTION OF THIS DOCUMENT IS UNLIMITED
doi:10.2172/7075347 fatcat:qwgznyibnnh5fmilpxliwb4nie