A. K. C. Oliveira, J. B. A. Paulo, E. M. B. D. Sousa, K. L. P. Lima
2014 Brazilian Journal of Petroleum and Gas  
Produced waters are complex mixtures which contain a large number of contaminants including finely dispersed oil, metals, and gases such as H2S and CO2, that are originated from oil and natural gas. This work examines the use of solvent extraction to recover sulphides. It tested three commercial alkylamines as extractants, which were dissolved in aviation kerosene (JET FUEL). In this research, real samples of produced water from the oil industry with initial concentration of 0.660 mg/L H2S were
more » ... used. The parameters studied were: Amine/JET FUEL ratio (0.25 v/v) and Organic/Aqueous Phase ratio (1/3 v/v). After the tests, it was concluded that the highest extraction efficiency occurred with the amine DUOMEEN ® O, which removed 76% of sulfides, followed by the ARQUAD ® 2C-75, yielding 59% in sulfide removal, and the DUOMMEN ® T, which removed as much as 40% of sulfides.
doi:10.5419/bjpg2014-0007 fatcat:iwm7rfomjzfdjb5vgr6w3psrmi