Bill Clinton on the Middle East: Perspective in Media Interviews [dataset]

Camelia Suleiman, Daniel C. O'Connell
2007 PsycEXTRA Dataset   unpublished
A corpus of four TV and two radio interviews given by Bill Clinton after the publication of his memoirs 'My life' in June 2004 is examined for expressions of perspective on the Middle East. Bill Clinton's personal perspective is clearly reflected in his choice of referencing terms for parties in the Middle East conflict: The Israeli and Palestinian points of view are designated by first-personal and thirdpersonal pronominals, respectively. A similar relationship is to be found for his
more » ... d for his references to the U.S.A. and Iraq. His perspective is manifested in his references to countries, people, and individual political leaders. Such references thus become expressions of a more general frame of understanding of power relationships in discourse, in which a progressive, advanced world is compared with a primitive, violent world. Implications for a theory of personal perspective in discourse and the dialogic nature of perspective are discussed.
doi:10.1037/e527342012-262 fatcat:yghtoaqwgvbezif7ypxpmm7uku