Interesting article could see a bit more focus, depth [post]

2020 unpublished
General Comments "Synchronized spatial shifts of Hadley and Walker Circulations", by Yun et al., is an interesting analysis of the phase and amplitude of the time series of modes of Hadley and Walker cell circulations. However, the closest thing to a central hypothesis in the paper, ". . .that the seasonally evolving warm pool SST anomalies after the peak ENSO phase serve as a pacemaker linking the phase-synchronized special shifts in the WC and HC variability. . ." is well-established by the
more » ... stablished by the analyses presented in the paper, but it feels more like a summary of some of the results than a hypothesis to be tested by the analysis. Rather than aiming for a specific objective or to test a hypothesis, this paper seems more an exploration of modes of Hadley cell-related and Walker cell-related variability. As a consequence, the paper feels at times like a collection of figure panels C1
doi:10.5194/esd-2020-70-rc1 fatcat:eyohkemq7factlol25g2eso64q