Einfluss von Kristallisationskinetik und Dynamik im Kristall und in der Schmelze auf die Strukturbildung teilkristalliner Polymere [article]

Anne Seidlitz, Stühn, Bernd, Prof. Dr., Kressler, Jörg, Prof. Dr., Thurn-Albrecht, Thomas, Prof. Dr., Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
A systematic comparison of the timescales of crystallization kinetics and melt dynamics (τC and τD), as well as of the crystalline dynamics (τR) and their combined effect on the morphology is presented. In crystal-mobile polymers as polyethylenoxide (PEO), a reorganization and thickening directly at the growth front results in an equiibrated topological structure of the amorphous phase. For crystal-fixed polymers without this relaxation, such as poly-epsilon-caprolactone (PCL), crystalline
more » ... ), crystalline lamellae grow randomly into the entangled melt. The timescales τC and τD are determined experimentally. Furthermore, for PEO the experimentally determined timescale of the αc-relaxation is compared with τC and τD. The morphology of PEO is largely dependent on the combination of the timescales, whereas PCL is widely unaffected by a change of the crystallization conditions. In PCL, the reorganization of chains during crystallization leads to a reduced entanglement density, depending on τC/τD.
doi:10.25673/1798 fatcat:dixko2cx35hadby775zcsxraii