Corner Detection of Ceramic Crack Computer VR Image Based on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Algorithm

Yuyang He
2022 Security and Communication Networks  
In order to improve the analysis ability of three-dimensional reconstruction of ceramic crack computer VR image corners, a ceramic crack computer VR image corner detection based on three-dimensional reconstruction algorithm is proposed. Taking the celadon tea cup with cracked glaze as the research object, multiple-side images of porcelain were extracted. Harris corner detection, image registration, and stitching are used to splice the multiple-side image into a complete unfolded image. In order
more » ... to determine the generalization ability of the algorithm, 10 cracked porcelain cups with the same type but different glaze color are used for image acquisition and stitching, and the effect of the stitching method proposed in this paper is evaluated. The experimental results show that the image mosaic accuracy is more than 92%, which has high accuracy and effectiveness. Through image graying, binarization and morphological thinning, the crack is displayed in three dimensions, which can provide support for subsequent crack morphological display and topology analysis. The processing flow of this paper improves the automation of image stitching of cracked porcelain, and provides support for image stitching, texture detection, and three-dimensional crack analysis of cracked porcelain and other split porcelain. It has strong innovation and practicability.
doi:10.1155/2022/8720447 doaj:ddb2318027604bd78f9a78079f3eecbd fatcat:4m2twg2gmnen7azp5ai2k5puei