A new anion conductive bismuth–vanadium oxyfluoride

Alexandr V. Akopjan, Timofei V. Serov, Valerii A. Dolgikh, Elena I. Ardaschnikova, Philip Lightfoot
2002 Journal of Materials Chemistry  
A new anion conductive oxyfluoride Bi 2 VO 5 F 0.7 has been obtained. Its crystal structure, related to the wellknown Aurivillius phases, has been determined from powder X-ray and neutron diffraction data combined with a piezo test and magnetic measurements (I4mm, a~3.869(3) Å , c~15.648(6) Å , R p~4 .41, R wp~9 .50%). The transport properties of this compound have been studied as a function of temperature by impedance spectroscopy. The relation of the Bi 2 VO 5 F 0.7 crystal structure and
more » ... conductivity with different modifications of Bi 2 VO 5.5 oxide is discussed.
doi:10.1039/b201049f fatcat:etf76czkkrdmlibph55fizxice