TSA-Seq 2.0 reveals both conserved and variable chromosomal distances to nuclear speckles [article]

Liguo Zhang, Yang Zhang, Yu Chen, Omid Gholamalamdari, Jian Ma, Andrew S. Belmont
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
TSA-Seq measures chromosomal distances from specific nuclear compartments genome-wide but requires ≥100 million cells. We report 10-20-fold increased sensitivity using TSA-Seq 2.0 which deliberately saturates protein-labeling but preserves distance mapping by the still unsaturated DNA-labeling. Mapping nuclear speckle distances in four cell lines reveals highly transcriptionally active, conserved speckle-associated chromosome domains but relative shifts of a small fraction of the genome that highly correlates with changes in gene expression.
doi:10.1101/824433 fatcat:hxqk2ljgszfbfh5yjgpwhb6qa4