Design considerations for usage accounting and feedback in internetworks

Deborah Estrin, Lixia Zhang
1990 Computer communication review  
Abstrac t This paper investigates the design of resource usag e feedback mechanisms for packet switched internetworks . After a discussion of the motivations for feedback mechanisms, feedback channels and policies are described . We then outline issues raised by the design of mechanisms to realize these policies, including : network service disciplines, accounting granularity, metrics, authentication, and coordination among transit carriers . Usage-based charging is only one means of feedback .
more » ... Our purpose is to begin a systematic discussion of th e technical issues associated with a range of usage feedback alternatives . Therefore the paper should not b e read as a policy statement promoting usage sensitiv e charging in internets . In fact, one of the goals of th e feedback mechanisms explored in this paper is to allo w network service providers and users to avoid the introduction of usage sensitive charges if they so wish ; while still realizing the benefits of statistical resource sharin g offered by packet switching and the benefits of efficien t resource utilization offered by usage feedback .
doi:10.1145/381906.381935 fatcat:ca5tgavoubgblhn6psmwdcbpoq