Detection and prevention of Wormhole Attack on AOMDV Routing Protocol using Hop-count and Communication Range in WSN

Er Kaur, Er Bansal
2018 unpublished
The wireless nature of communication makes wireless sensor networks unreliable as any attacker with intent to steal the data can do so by deploying malicious nodes in the network. The wormhole attack creates a tunnel by skipping few nodes in between source and destination node. The tunnel automatically reduces the hop length thus creating a short path between source and destination node. In this study, the scheme to detect the wormhole nodes in the path with larger hop count has been proposed.
more » ... has been proposed. In proposed scheme, hop count of each path is compared against the average hop count. If for any path, the hop count value tends to become less than the average value, then it will confirm the presence of the wormhole link in the path. The network was extensively simulated for varying number of nodes. The performance of the network was compared on the basis of throughput, packet delivery ratio and number of packet drops.