Bleaching Herbicide Flurtamone Interferes with Phytoene Desaturase

G. Sandmann, C. E. Ward, W. C. Lo, J. O. Nagy, P. Boger
1990 Plant Physiology  
The mode of action of the furanone herbicide flurtamone and derivatives was investigated with cress seedlings and with the unicellular cyanobacterium Anacystis. Either in the light or in the dark these compounds inhibited the formation of a-and ,-carotene and all of the xanthophylls in the seedlings. Instead, phytoene, a precursor of colored carotenoids, was accumulated. In illuminated seedlings photooxidative destruction of chlorophyll was observed. The Iso value of flurtamone inhibition of
more » ... ne inhibition of carotenoid biosynthesis in intact Anacystis cells and the K, value for interaction of flurtamone with phytoene desaturase with Anacystis thylakoids were 30 and 18 nanomoles, respectively. Concentrations of flurtamone which strongly inhibited carotenoid synthesis had no direct peroxidative activities and did not inhibit photosynthetic electron transport.
doi:10.1104/pp.94.2.476 pmid:16667736 fatcat:fcmpb3rttrf7jgyg2cd4lu7ao4