Review of The New Horizon in Love and Life

George Van Ness Dearborn
1922 The Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology  
Reviews As Marrett points out in his Anthropology, "It is dangerous to make sweeping generalizations, but there is at any rate a good deal to be said for classifying the world's religions either as mechanical and ineffective, or as spiritual and effective." But the author, apparently, was not interested in the non-useful beliefs, which he thinks have not survived. Like the bad parasites they were, these beliefs evidently killed off their hosts. He goes on, therefore, to showthat the religious
more » ... hat the religious attitudes which have proved useful in the history of the race, taboo, legalism, and redemptive religion can (in line with the recapitulation concept) be made to serve in the religious instruction of the child, the pre-adolescent, and the adolescent, respectively. If later, the child, now a man, from the height of ethical morality, looks down on this threefold type of religious instruction, it will not be with disdain for its untruth, but (shall
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