The Classification of Finite-Dimensional Triangular Hopf Algebras over an Algebraically Closed Field of Characteristic 0 [

P. Etingof, S. Gelaki
2003 Moscow Mathematical Journal  
We explain that a new theorem of Deligne on symmetric tensor categories [De2] implies, in a straightforward manner, that any finite dimensional triangular Hopf algebra over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero has the Chevalley property, and in particular the list of finite dimensional triangular Hopf algebras over such a field, given in [AEG], [EG3], is complete. We also use Deligne's theorem to settle a number of questions about triangular Hopf algebras, raised in our previous
more » ... publications, and generalize Deligne's result to nondegenerate semisimple categories in positive characteristic p, by using the lifting methods developed in [ENO].
doi:10.17323/1609-4514-2003-3-1-37-43 fatcat:dcpx2h4335cdjj7xr57nemri5a