Interference relationship to the study of emotional exhaustion

2019 Zanco Journal of Humanity Sciences  
The weakness of the educational desire of the learners concerned the educators because it represents a negative tendency and that the continuation will eventually lead to the delay of the school, and the traditional teaching method in which the education and forcing students to listen to them without allowing the student to express his opinion and discussion, or lack of use of the appropriate approach to deal with The information will lead to negative aspects of the educational process, which
more » ... al process, which will result in a generation that is mentally impaired and weakly motivated to learn, and that dealing with information through the appropriate academic input requires students to engage in education. The current research aims to identify the relationship between the entrances of the study and the emotional impact of the students in the preparatory stage, and the difference in the number of students in the school. The relationship between the study entrances and emotional affectivity of middle school students according to gender variables (male and female) and branch (scientific -literary). The current study community is determined by students of middle schools In order to achieve the objectives of the current research, the researchers used the measure of the entrances of the study for Antostel et al., Which is the final component of (50) paragraphs. The measure of emotional exhaustion was adopted (Golden Scale, 2018) Three study entries and emotional exhaustion. In the light of these findings, the research produced a set of conclusions, recommendations and proposals.
doi:10.21271/zjhs.23.s3.22 fatcat:qw5iqzvwkrgsld7kfnyk3ba3ii