Pratibha Kumari
2014 International Research Journal of Human Resources and Social Sciences   unpublished
Constructivism assumes that learners construct their own cognitive structures (knowledge) as they interpret their experience in a particular situation (Palincsar, 1998). Vygotsky, a social constructivist believed that social interaction, cultural tools and activity shape the individuals' development and learning. The learner through interaction with the world and social negotiations, explore the outside world and make changes in their already existing understanding of the external world. Story
more » ... ernal world. Story telling had been used as social tool for communicating facts from one generation to another which had helped individuals to understand and build accurate representation of the external world. In formal education system, story telling has been widely used in literature classes for making students correlate with the external world but science teaching has always been based on inductive reasoning, experimenting and analytical thinking. In this paper the authors elaborate upon how story telling can be used as a tool in teaching science.