Breaking the log n barrier on rumor spreading [article]

Chen Avin, Robert Elsässer
2015 arXiv   pre-print
O( n) rounds has been a well known upper bound for rumor spreading using push&pull in the random phone call model (i.e., uniform gossip in the complete graph). A matching lower bound of Ω( n) is also known for this special case. Under the assumption of this model and with a natural addition that nodes can call a partner once they learn its address (e.g., its IP address) we present a new distributed, address-oblivious and robust algorithm that uses push&pull with pointer jumping to spread a
more » ... to all nodes in only O(√( n)) rounds, w.h.p. This algorithm can also cope with F= O(n/2^√( n)) node failures, in which case all but O(F) nodes become informed within O(√( n)) rounds, w.h.p.
arXiv:1512.03022v1 fatcat:7qrg3fahz5avvam7i42s2wruo4