Description of a new species of Prionotus (Prionotus stephanophrys), from the coast of California

W. N. Lockington
1881 Proceedings of the United States National Museum  
Caves, in Giles County, Virginia, curiously enougli, is not blind. This is paralleled in the case of two species of spiders, however, which were collected for me in a cave in Oregon, over a year ago, by Professor Cope. In one of them there is not a vestige of the eyes reuiaining, while in the other they are well developed. A Myriapod, which appears to be a Julus, from the same cavern also has eyes. The Folydesmus cavicola Packard, from a cave in Utah, seems to have well-developed eyes. The
more » ... oped eyes. The Orchesella cceca, Avhich still remains to be fully described, has very undeveloped eyes, but differs in no other essential from its congeners. It
doi:10.5479/si.00963801.182.529 fatcat:e2vdqd2oefbmrb2drht5uxhcmy