Thickness Effects on Microwave Magnetic Properties of FeCoBSi Films Deposited on Flexible Substrate

Haipeng Lu, Jing Yang, Longjiang Deng
2010 PIERS Online  
The FeCoBSi thin films were deposited on the flexible mylar substrates by DC magnetron sputtering. The as-deposited films showed as an amorphous structure. Permeability characteristics in the range of 0.5-18 GHz were investigated. The values of permeability increased with an increasing thickness of the films when the thickness was less than 1 µm. This unusual result may be due to the various microstructures, stress or defects of the films. When the thickness was more than 1 µm, the values of
more » ... m, the values of both permeability and resonance frequency decreased significantly. The results may be attributed to the increase of eddy current loss. The electric properties, including sheet resistance and resistivity for the films with various thicknesses, have also been investigated.
doi:10.2529/piers090902032622 fatcat:wn2ce7uxjrfhdjydsaont2tuzm