Checklists of Fish Parasites of Babylon Province of Iraq, Exclusive of Farm Fishes

Furhan Mhaisen, Abdul-Razzak Al-Rubaie
Literature reviews of all reports concerning the parasitic fauna of fishes of Babylon province, mid Iraq (exclusive of farm fishes) showed that a total of 104 parasite species are so far known from 26 valid fish species investigated for parasitic infections. The parasitic fauna included two mastigophorans, 17 ciliophorans, three myxozoans, nine trematodes, 47 monogeneans, eight cestodes, four nematodes, two acanthocephalans, one clam glochidium and 11 crustaceans. The infection with some
more » ... on with some trematodes and nematodes as well as with the clam occurred with larval stages, while the remaining infections were either with trophozoites or adult parasites. Among the inspected fishes, Planiliza abu was infected with the highest number of parasite species (46 parasite species), followed by Carasobarbus luteus (24 species) and Arabibarbus grypus (20 species) while three fish species (Alburnus mossulensis, Carassius auratus and Chondrostoma regium) were infected with only one parasite species each. The glochidial larval form of Unio pictorum was the commonest parasite species as it was recorded from 19 fish species, followed by ciliophorans Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and Trichodina domerguei which were reported from 16 and 15 fish host species, respectively.