Effect of competition from other metals on nickel complexation by α-isosaccharinic, gluconic and picolinic acids

N. D. M. Evans, S. Antón Gascón, S. Vines, M. Felipe-Sotelo
2012 Mineralogical magazine  
The effect of competition from other metal ions on the complexation of Ni with isosaccharinic acid, gluconic acid and picolinic acid, at high pH, is described. The competing metal ions used were divalent Co, trivalent Eu and tetravalent Th. In the majority of cases, competition from these metal ions followed the predicted pattern, with most anomalies seeming to be caused by sorption of Ni to the many different solid phases formed in presence of the competing ions. The Ni solid phase was shown
more » ... change with time during the course of the study. No major unexplained competition effects were found.
doi:10.1180/minmag.2012.076.8.55 fatcat:rdspuaplknaf7ieisvstk7dagu