R Cherkezova, S Racheva1, A Topliyska2, S Pavlov1, Z Zlatev3
2002 Scripta Scientifica M edica   unpublished
Developm ent o f new polym er system s (PS) based on therm o-active resins is im portant not only from a chem i­ cal view point but also because o f the opportunity for program m able changing their properties and subse­ quent application in clinical practice. Som e chem ical features o f a new com position for a m ulticom ponent polym er system (M PS) based on hydrophilized unsaturated polyester resin (H U PR) are presented. Strength param eters o f several resins o f different com positions
more » ... e exam ined. The analysis o f the acute oral toxicity o f these resins in w hite W istar rats proves that they are low toxic. T hese PS do not dem onstrate any harm ful ef­ fects on hum an skin after the predicting irritation and sensitization tests using epicutaneous sam ples. Their main advantages include prelim inary w ater-solubility and capacity to incorporate w ater, good dilution into water and resin w ater dispersions, porosity, low relative m ass, high strength indices, im proved ecological fea­ tures, thin-founding capacity, good relief im pressions in com bination with high adhesion ability tow ards wet surfaces. A w ide M PS usage in the m anufacture o f orthopedic plaster dressings, prostheses, splints, insoles, positive-sam ple dental im prints, and casts is recom m ended.