Gelcasting: From laboratory development toward industrial production [report]

O.O. Omatete, M.A. Janney
1995 unpublished
Gelcasting, a ceramic forming process, was developed to overcome some of the limitations of other complex-shape forming techniques such as injection molding and slip casting. In gelcasting, a concentrated slurry of ceramic powder in a solution of organic monomers is poured into a mold and then polymerized in-situ to form a green body in the shape of the mold cavity. Thus, it is a combination of polymer chemistry with slip processing and represents minimal departure from standard ceramic
more » ... ard ceramic processing. The simplicity of the process has attracted industrial partners and by collaboration between them and the developers, the process is being advanced from the laboratory toward industrial production.
doi:10.2172/215834 fatcat:upmx3vfeffcv3abvxa75f2vzxe