Visual SLAM for Handheld Monocular Endoscope

Oscar G. Grasa, Ernesto Bernal, Santiago Casado, Ismael Gil, J. M. M. Montiel
2014 IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging  
Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) methods provide real-time estimation of 3D models from the sole input of a hand-held camera, routinely in mobile robotics scenarios. Medical endoscopic sequences mimic a robotic scenario in which a hand-held camera (monocular endoscope) moves along an unknown trajectory while observing an unknown cavity. However, the feasibility and accuracy of SLAM methods have not been extensively validated with human in-vivo image sequences. In this work, we
more » ... e a monocular visual SLAM algorithm tailored to deal with medical image sequences in order to provide an up-to-scale 3D map of the observed cavity and the endoscope trajectory at frame rate. The algorithm is validated over synthetic data and human in-vivo sequences corresponding to fifteen laparoscopic hernioplasties where accurate ground-truth distances are available. It can be concluded that the proposed procedure is: 1) non invasive, because only a standard monocular endoscope and a surgical tool are used; 2) convenient, because only a handcontrolled exploratory motion is needed; 3) fast, because the algorithm provides the 3D map and the trajectory in real time; 4) accurate, because it has been validated with respect to groundtruth; and 5) robust to inter-patient variability, because it has performed successfully over the validation sequences.
doi:10.1109/tmi.2013.2282997 pmid:24107925 fatcat:hiuuet5e5jbjzffwmpogfigbwm