An enigmatic translocation of the vertebrate primordial eye field

R. G. Loosemore, S. D. Matthaei, T. C. Stanger
2020 BMC Evolutionary Biology  
The primordial eye field of the vertebrate embryo is a single entity of retinal progenitor cells spanning the anterior neural plate before bifurcating to form bilateral optic vesicles. Here we review fate mapping data from zebrafish suggesting that prior to evagination of the optic vesicles the eye field may undergo a Maypole-plait migration of progenitor cells through the midline influenced by the anteriorly subducting diencephalon. Such an enigmatic translocation of scaffolding progenitors
more » ... ding progenitors could have evolutionary significance if pointing, by way of homology, to an ancient mechanism for transition of the single eye field in chordates to contralateral eye fields in vertebrates.
doi:10.1186/s12862-020-01693-6 pmid:33008334 fatcat:j674t6oguvh2ji4ujswdmmvty4