Vertigo in clinical practice – common methodology and pathogenetically founded differentiated treatment approaches

Л. А. Дзяк, О. С. Цуркаленко
2016 Family Medicine  
The relevance of vertigo in clinical practice is determined by the high prevalence and significant deterioration in the quality of life of patients with this pathology. The article reviewed and analyzed vertigo, its causes and pathogenetically founded differentiated treatment approaches. Objective aim: was to recearch the effectiveness of the drug Tagista (betahistine) compared with placebo in patients with lesions of the vestibular system at various levels, caused by different etiologic
more » ... nt etiologic factors. Materials and methods. 200 people were included in the study, 105 of them were randomized to the study drug group, 95 – to the placebo group. All patients of the main group received Tagista (24 mg 2 times per day) for 14 days in addition to standard treatment. Besides the evaluation of the effectiveness Tagista, assessment of its safety was also conducted. The primary effectivness criteria included: assessment of vertigo severity and duration (Dizziness Handicap Inventory), the scale of motor activity assessment (Tinneti scale), the scales of quality life assessment (SF-36, EQ-5D). Results. There was no statistically significant difference between the effectiveness of the drug Tagista at the central and peripheral vestibular syndromes. Analysis of the drug Tagista evidence of its effects on different pathogenetic mechanisms of dizziness. So this drug is pathogenetically effective in different types of vestibular vertigo. Statistically significant positive effect of drug Tagista in dosage of 48 mg per day in the study group was accompanied by minimal side effects. Conclusion. Tagista drug is an effective drug for relief of vestibular disorders not only peripheral, but central1level lesions, and can be successfully applied, regardless of the etiological causes of vertigo.
doi:10.30841/2307-5112.1(63).2016.102355 doaj:d35cdfba49924d8284d0bf29c0643d29 fatcat:q7mvquvllng5hd33lvgaevl7dm