Divya Sharma, Nirmit Gupta, R Jeya
2017 unpublished
Green networking is the practice of using energy efficient networking technologies and minimizing resource use by networking devices whenever and wherever possible. The main goal is to control the power consumption of devices, and provide best way to distribute traffic load among them. The current study envisages to dwell on the concept of packet processing engines which are functionally utilizing the concept of parallel processing of input traffic within the hardware and depending upon the
more » ... ending upon the maximum capacity of the system. The system focuses on energy-aware devices able to reduce their energy consumption by adapting their performance according to the network requirements. Green networking technologies like Adaptive Rate (AR) and Low Power Idle (LPI) are implemented. The concept addresses logically the streamlining of processes using interventions both at hardware and software level resulting in a reduced consumption of energy in networking devices.