Collective motion patterns of swarms with delay coupling: Theory and experiment

Klementyna Szwaykowska, Ira B. Schwartz, Luis Mier-y-Teran Romero, Christoffer R. Heckman, Dan Mox, M. Ani Hsieh
2016 Physical review. E  
The formation of coherent patterns in swarms of interacting self-propelled autonomous agents is a subject of great interest in a wide range of application areas, ranging from engineering and physics to biology. In this paper, we model and experimentally realize a mixed-reality large-scale swarm of delay-coupled agents. The coupling term is modeled as a delayed communication relay of position. Our analyses, assuming agents communicating over an Erdos-Renyi network, demonstrate the existence of
more » ... able coherent patterns that can only be achieved with delay coupling and that are robust to decreasing network connectivity and heterogeneity in agent dynamics. We also show how the bifurcation structure for emergence of different patterns changes with heterogeneity in agent acceleration capabilities and limited connectivity in the network as a function of coupling strength and delay. Our results are verified through simulation as well as preliminary experimental results of delay-induced pattern formation in a mixed-reality swarm.
doi:10.1103/physreve.93.032307 pmid:27078366 fatcat:3pj2opgclveh7gqsuis67bzmta