Packaging in a yeast double-stranded RNA virus

W Yao, K Muqtadir, J A Bruenn
1995 Journal of Virology  
The yeast virus ScV-L1 has only two genes, cap and pol, which encode the capsid polypeptide and the viral polymerase, respectively. The second gene is translated only as a cap-pol fusion protein. This fusion protein is responsible for recognition of a specific small stem and loop region of the viral plus strands, of 19 to 31 bases in length, ensuring packaging specificity. We have used a related virus, ScV-La, which has about 29% codon identity with ScV-L1 in the most conserved region of the
more » ... ed region of the pol gene, to map the region in pol that is responsible for packaging L1. Characterization of a number of chimeric viral proteins that recognize L1 but have the La capsid region delimits the region necessary for recognition of L1 to a 76-to 82-codon portion of pol. In addition, we show that overproduction of the La capsid polypeptide results in curing of the ScV-La virus, analogous to the production of plants resistant to RNA viruses by virtue of systemic production of viral coat protein.
doi:10.1128/jvi.69.3.1917-1919.1995 fatcat:yhzdcnkbubb3xpb3vfh4kwytf4