General features of Hugoniots [report]

J.D. Johnson
1996 unpublished
From thermodynamics and the Hugoniot jump relations I derive a simple algebraic equation among the Grüneisen constant γ , bulk modulus B s , pressure P, particle velocity U p , and slope s and intercept c of the tangent line to the U s − U p Hugoniot at U p . At U p = 0 , s is simply related to ∂B s / ∂P) s and for 10 km/ s< U p< 100 − 200 km/ s there is a very linear region in the U s − U p curve. When dP / dρ = ∞, s and the curvature are directly given by P, B s and γ . I end with the
more » ... nd with the excellent confirmation of the linear region in data and with a discussion of shell structure.
doi:10.2172/230530 fatcat:xtiqd4v3ljdyzhbbhnknqbwbvy