The Wider Context of Non-clinical Narcissism: Professional Life, Communication, and Self Control
Širší souvislosti neklinického narcismu: profesní život, komunikace a sebekontrola

František Bartoš
2010 Czech Sociological Review  
The author of this article conducted a representative survey (N=1081) to examine the signs of non-clinical narcissism in professional life, human relations, and self-control. He found that people with narcissistic characteristics more often occupy socio-professional positions that place high demands on self-presentation, which means on appearance and demeanour. People with narcissistic characteristics also tend to seek out such professions more often. The interest in obtaining jobs that place
more » ... g jobs that place high demands on self-presentation is more strongly associated with non-clinical narcissism than with whether or not the individual currently occupies such a position. Respondents with narcissistic characteristics also more often profess better chances of succeeding in such a position. People with narcissistic characteristics typically communicate on two typical levels: ego-confi rmative and negotiative. Narcissistic types generally use communication primarily as a means of presenting their idealised Self (ego-confi rmative level). However, when respondents who scored as narcissists in the test enter an interaction from which only one side can profi t (negotiative comunication), they defend only their own interests and pay little attention to the needs of others. Narcissistic types also exhibit a higher level of self-control, which some criminologists associate with delinquency.
doi:10.13060/00380288.2010.46.5.03 fatcat:bv5tndvq4ves5g2um7i5hpyp3m