Higher harmonics of zero sequence current and voltage as a source of information for single-phase earth fault protection

СИВОКОБИЛЕНКО В.Ф., «Донецький національний технічний університет», . ЛИСЕНКО В.А, «Донецький національний технічний університет»
2021 Journal of Electrical and power engineering  
Single-phase earth faults in networks with ungrounded neutral are common and belong to a wider class of high-impedance damage. The problem of protection against such damage is quite complex and has been actively studied around the world in recent decades. In this article, it is proposed to use the information contained in the high-frequency components of the current and voltage of the zero-sequence during the transient process of insulation damage for targeted protection. The method of
more » ... of high-frequency components is considered. The possibility of using a Petersen coil in the network is considered, as well as the probable deviation from the resonant tuning of the Petersen coil. The peculiarities of the transient process depending on the instantaneous voltage at the moment of a short circuit are investigated. Simulation of single-phase short circuits with different active resistance in the short circuit place is carried out. The spectral composition of zero-sequence currents and voltages during the transient process is analyzed. The dependence of the power of high-frequency components on the quality of Petersen coil tuning, instantaneous voltage at the time of short circuit, and active resistance at the time of short circuit is investigated. The principle of protection is based on determining the direction of the total reactive power of the higher harmonics of currents and voltages of zero sequence and the numerically found derivatives. The results of mathematical modeling showed that at the moment when the phase is closed to the ground, due to the recharging of the capacitance of the phase conductors in currents and voltages of zero sequence, higher harmonics occur. The power of the harmonics from the second to the tenth can be compared with the power of the first harmonic and they should be used for protection. Positive results of work of the offered way of protection at mathematical modeling and at tests on a laboratory stand are received.
doi:10.31474/2074-2630-2021-1-25-32 fatcat:5rfvg5jejvaszeidd6xuv6qkxa