Jasa penyediaan biodiversitas pada sistem agroforest kaliwu

Gerson N. Njurumana, Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Lingkungan hidup dan Kehutanan Kupang
1996 Jurnal Pemuliaan Tanaman Hutan  
Biodiversity plays a strategic role in the socio-economic system of a community, through the supply of essential services for humans and ecosystems. Diverse services encourage people to manage the ecosystem of the environment. For instance, the Kaliwu agroforests are a multi-species dryland farm developed by the community on Sumba Island for various services providing such as food production. However, data and information on food crop biodiversity in Kaliwu, and its contribution to food
more » ... ion to food ingredients are not yet known. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the food plant biodiversity and its contribution to meeting household needs. Data were obtained through field observations, and interviews were conducted on 70 household units in Kaliwu, Central Sumba Regency. The data and information were descriptively-qualitatively analyzed. The result showed that the biodiversity of food source plants consists of 12 types of cassava groups and 46 types of fruit. Each farmer has several biodiversities composed of different food plants, determined by their decisions. The variation in the contribution of food to per capita needs, such as cassava contributes 35-41%, while fruits range from 55-81%. Kaliwu plays a significant role in supporting biodiversity conservation and in meeting food needs. Therefore, the drive to empower Kaliwu as an alternative to building community-based food security is needed to provide added value
doi:10.20886/jpth.2020.13.2.131-140 fatcat:33lwj5zp7vfe7jfyg6dnxeiqj4