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an art form) and the materiality of the film (see Arnheim 2003 Arnheim [1932]] ). Recently, Bruno Latour's actor network theory has been discussed as a method for delineating the practices of the creation of documental films (see Weber in this journal). Thus documental films can be discussed on the level of content, form, and production. Currently, there is such a variety of styles and forms of documental films that is difficult to maintain an overview. These different styles and forms are
more » ... d by different ways of dealing with pre-filmic reality. Whereas some documental styles share characteristics with auteur films (see Felix 2007 on auteur film), 8 most current forms and formats come from television, where the author usually disappears. 9 Hissnauer (2011,(19)(20) points to the fact that within the documental television formats of the past few years, there has been an explosion of different names for subgenres:
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