Private language, public imagery [thesis]

Nathalie Hartog
INTRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT 1) Visual representation of the observation of Subjects/objects. A) Grass Tree B) Ogham language C) Musical language 2) Codification of the visual representations. A) Cuneiform writing B) Mayas' writing 3) Association of those signs into syntax for the Purpose of communicating and recording. A) Language using the Latin alphabet in French. B) Arabic writing C) Language of colours D) Chinese language 47 E) Numerological language F) Body language G) Braille language 57
more » ... LUSION FOOTNOTES 68 APPENDIX 1 72 Les yeux d'Elsa by Aragon APPENDIX 2 74 Allyson Newman APPENDIX 3 Translation in Gaelic by Mary Clarke BIBLIOGRAPHY LIST OF ART WORKS ATTACHMENT CD "Music for Grass Tree" Composed by Allyson Newman Images by Nathalie Hartog Text in Gaelic read by Mary Clarke ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank: -my supervisors George Barker and Graham Kuo for their advice and support during my research. -my family, especially my son Sebastien for being a good listener and helping me formalized some of my ideas. -Margaret Blackmore for your help and surfing the net to look for an English translation of Aragon's poem: "Les yeux d'Elsa". I also would like to thank: -Bruce Mac Calmont for his guidance and sharing my anxiety for the last two years, -Therese Kenyon in finding the time, amongst the tasks of a demanding job, in proof reading my work, -Mary Clarke for organizing the translation in Gaelic and lending her voices to the project, -Clare Walsh for her translation in Gaelic, -Allyson Newman for writing the music and putting the CD together. It has been worth while experience not possible without all of you.
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