Detection of Unbalanced Flow in CC Strand by Using Electromagnetic Sensor under the Principle of Magnetic Transformation of Steel

Hiroshi Harada, Masaki Nagashima, Tomohiro Konno, Masanori Yamana, Takehiko Toh
2020 Tetsu to hagane  
Electromagnetic sensor to detect the unbalanced flow in CC strand by using the magnetic transformation just below CC mold has been proposed, noticing that the narrow face of slab has been cooled at beneath of mold and surface temperature rapidly decreases to Curie temperature (Tc). Laboratory experiments have been performed to verify the principle of the proposed sensor, which is composed of primary and secondary solenoid coil. The obtained experimental results showed that the relationship
more » ... en the surface temperature of slab and induced electric voltage could be explained by Curie-Weiss law, when AC magnetic field has been imposed on the slab surface. Moreover, plant tests have been conducted by installing the sensor just below the narrow face of mold. It can be found that the proposed sensor have potential to measure surface temperature under severe conditions and detect the unbalanced flow in CC strand.
doi:10.2355/tetsutohagane.tetsu-2019-089 fatcat:wi6nj6fw3jgwdk625gc4m57cuu